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Welcome to the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health

Even in an era that has seen extraordinary improvements in human health from the application of biomedicine, a range of significant health challenges remain. These challenges involve interactions between social, cultural, environmental and biological factors, many of which operate globally as well as locally.

Mark Jackson, Centre Director

For example, mental health is clearly related to lifestyle, as well as to the environments and economies in which people live, interrelations between people, animals and environments are critical in disease emergence and persistence, and the needs of ageing populations, the impacts of climate change, persistent inequalities in health, antimicrobial resistance, and the damaging effects of poverty, isolation and loneliness all require an appreciation of social and cultural processes to create effective and sustainable health policies.

Many recent reports have suggested that tackling these pressing health and environmental issues requires a commitment to reducing the burden of disease, strengthening people-centred health systems and public health capacity, focusing on the quality of our social and ecological relations, and investing in health through a life-course approach. We believe that the successful promotion of health and well-being in these ways necessitates establishing novel interdisciplinary research partnerships and building and sustaining cross-sectoral collaborations.

Engaged research methods and transitional pathways

Focusing particularly on the cultural and environmental factors that shape our lives, members of the Centre are aiming to develop new engaged research methods and translational pathways for enabling health and well-being across the life course.

Personally, directing the Centre is both a privilege and a challenge. It allows me to combine a strong commitment to science and medicine with my interests in the role of history and culture in shaping our health. It also provides an opportunity for me to work with creative colleagues and partners across and beyond the University. Collectively, we are greatly looking forward to contributing to the Wellcome Trust’s mission to advance ideas and drive reform in order to improve the health of everyone.

Mark Jackson, Centre Director

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