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CALL: Health and Resilience illustrator/designer

The Health & Resilience Project is looking for an illustrator to produce images and graphics for our project website.

The project is using poetry and visual art to support women and non-binary people to tell stories of their health experiences. The website will be used to host their work and act a as platform for a wider audience to engage with the project, both as readers and producing more works.

We would love to work with someone for whom the themes of this project resonate and/or have lived experience. We are looking for images and graphics to populate our project website including, a banner, logo and other images.

The website is likely to end up looking similar to this one: https://lockdownblues.co.uk.

Our project partners are the Resilient Women Project: https://www.colabexeter.org.uk/colab-women  and LitWorks: https://literatureworks.org.uk/

Update: We were delighted to work with Tomekah George for this project – you can see her work on www.tomekahgeorge.com and soon on the project website!


This project is jointly supported by Wellcome and by Exeter City of Literature.

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