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Dora Vargha News

It’s a win for Dr Dora Vargha at the AHRC/Wellcome 2020 Awards!

Dr Dora Vargha has won the 2020 Medical Humanities Award for Best International Research with her research into the impact of epidemics on the political landscape, which has helped to shape current policy on epidemic management. Her book, Polio Across The Iron Curtain, examines the emergence of polio vaccines in 1950s Europe, the manifold politics of […]


Ending an epidemic and the ‘new normal’

There is no simple return to the way things were in the aftermath of an epidemic: whatever normal is built in the aftermath is a new normal…much of what we accept as everyday reality in the future will only be seen as different to those who look backward to find the subtle scars where the […]


The Department of Ultimology

The Department of Ultimology Ultimology is the study of endings, and the essay ranges across multiple disciplines; history of art, communications technologies, linguistics, the climate emergency, the history of disease and personal stories. Centre academics Dora Vargha and Luna Dolezal contributed to this RTE radio essay written by Fiona Hallinan and Kate Strain.  


Academic wins prestigious book award

Dr Dóra Vargha celebrated last month as her book Polio Across The Iron Curtain was announced as the winner of the prestigious European Association for the History of Medicine and Health Book Award 2019. The prize is awarded to the best book on the history of medicine from the preceding two years, and is presented at […]