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Making Sense of Ageing & Finding Its Time

Jessie Stanier recently delivered a webinar for Professor Susi Ferrarello‘s class Bioethics & Diversity at California State University, on the topic of ‘Making Sense of Ageing and Finding Its Time’. Widely advertised on the Philos-L mailing list, it was well-attended by academics from around the globe as well as the students in the class. Some […]


Centre-sponsored conference is held fully online for the first time

WCCEH were pleased to co-sponsor the British Society of Phenomenology’s 2020 conference, which, due to the pandemic, was held entirely online for the first time. Despite this, the engagement and participation was incredible from the 150 attendees, especially in the Q&A sessions. The BSP’s conference was co-hosted by the Centre’s Luna Dolezal and Jessie Stanier, […]