PEOPLE – Operations

Alice Waterson

21 July 2021

I am the Project Coordinator for the Wellcome Trust-funded project, Shame and Medicine, which is a collaboration with Professor Luna Dolezal (Exeter), Dr Matthew Gibson (Birmingham) and Dr Barry Lyons (Trinity College Dublin).  I also work on the Scenes of Shame and Stigma in COVID-19 AHRC funded project.

I graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA Hons in Spanish Language and Literature and since then my career as an Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator has taken me to London, Edinburgh, the University of British Colombia in Vancouver and now Exeter University.

I am responsible for the day to day operations of the above projects and coordinate all activities across Exeter and Birmingham.

PEOPLE – Operations

Kate Ellis

1 August 2019

I am the Centre Manager, responsible for facilitating the delivery of the Centre’s strategic plans, in liaison with the Centre’s senior management team and the College of Humanities. I am a strong advocate for collaborative working, and have spent the last two decades facilitating cross-pollination of ideas in both my professional work in Higher Education, and in my independent creative practice as a playwright and theatremaker. I am very excited to be working within the Centre’s innovative and creative transdisciplinary environment, supporting research teams who, through open discussion, divergent perspectives, challenge and counter-challenge, are developing life-changing work.

I have been working in the Higher Education sector since 2000, with professional expertise in quality assurance, policy development, student support, student case management, and regulatory compliance.

I have completed Advance HE’s Aurora leadership development programme (#IamAurora !), and have been an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2014.

I have a PhD in English Literature, with specific research interests in seventeenth-century English politics, literature, and culture.

I look forward to talking to you soon!


PEOPLE – Operations

Emma Fowler

29 July 2019

I support the Centre Operations team with the day to day running of the Centre, in particular for visiting speakers and researchers from all over the world.


PEOPLE – Operations

Melanie Shaw

2 July 2019

I provide finance, administrative, logistical, and communications support to the professors, PhD students and postdoctoral research fellows who use the Centre, and for academic and community partners on our Beacon projects.

PEOPLE – Operations

Lucy Hodges

2 July 2019


My academic background is in the Humanities – I have a BA (Hons) in English Studies, and an MA in Eighteenth Century Studies (my first introduction to interdisciplinary research, when I combined literature, gender studies and history!). I graduated from the latter in 2010, and have worked in universities ever since.

Initially, I worked for the University of Southampton in Student Support, before moving to Exeter in late 2012. I worked in the Medical School from February 2013, firstly as the administrator for the Neuroscience department, and then from January 2016 until November 2017, in Research Finance.

I moved to the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health in November 2017, firstly as the Centre Administrator, but following a successful promotion in June 2018, as the Assistant Centre Manager.

Highlights of my career to date

I’m proud of all the things I achieve in my working life, because I try to always leave things better than I found them. I’ve achieved a lot since joining Exeter, including designing and creating a database for equipment maintenance in the Medical School (which improved efficiency and reduced expenditure), establishing the Neuroscience department and moving in three research labs, and updating the journaling process within the Medical School in conjunction with the College finance staff.

My time at the Centre has been equally fruitful, establishing policies and processes for our interdisciplinary ways of working, and organising and supporting the recruitment processes for staff and students alike. I’ve been particularly proud of the senior posts recruitment, from which we recruited three exceptional members of staff, following a campaign online, and on social media, to promote the opportunities.

Perhaps the most challenging thing I have done is speak in a seminar in July 2019 about my personal experiences with debt, shame and poverty – although I am a confident public speaker, this topic was highly personal and I was speaking alongside academics who were very much more experienced and confident than I was!

What I do

I oversee the administration of the Centre, line-managing Emma and Mel. I also have specific responsibility for communications, finance, HR/recruitment and building management.

In my spare time, I’m a blogger, a keen knitter and an aspiring podcaster – all with varying degrees of success!

Shame, poverty and health – seminar July 2019

hosted by Luna Dolezal; speakers Robert Walker, Felicity Thomas and Lucy Hodges.


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