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Making Sense of Ageing & Finding Its Time

Jessie Stanier recently delivered a webinar for Professor Susi Ferrarello‘s class Bioethics & Diversity at California State University, on the topic of ‘Making Sense of Ageing and Finding Its Time’.

Widely advertised on the Philos-L mailing list, it was well-attended by academics from around the globe as well as the students in the class. Some of those watching included the Religion, Philosophy and Ethics class at St Swithun’s School, who used the class for academic enrichment. Plans are now underway for another webinar with other local schools for students of philosophy, ethics, psychology, and those intending to study medicine!

Jessie is undertaking her PhD at the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health, on the Phenomenology of Ageing, working with older communities about the lived experiences of ageing and ageing well. She also recently co-hosted the British Society of Phenomenology’s annual conference.

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