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Tamsin Newlove-Delgado


I graduated as a doctor from Leicester Medical School in 2003, following which I trained in psychiatry and child psychiatry, gaining my Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Working with families living in challenging circumstances led me to develop a growing interest in how services work and meet (or do not meet) the needs of children and young people. I therefore moved onto the South West Public Health Training Scheme, and took time out of training to undertake an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship focussed on two aspects of service provision for children and young people with psychiatric disorders in the UK; mental health related service contact in school aged children, and transition from child to adult services in young people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Following my PhD, I was appointed to an NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer post, whilst I finished training as a public health consultant. In 2018, I obtained my Fellowship of the Faculty of Public Health, and in 2019, I was appointed as Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Public Health with the Medical School.

Influenced by my clinical experience in child and adolescent psychiatry prior to entering public health, my research has concentrated on public health aspects of the mental health of young people, with a particular interest in the transition from child to adult services, and in the application of epidemiological methods for service planning. My approach includes a strong emphasis on the active involvement of children, young people and families. I also have a strong interest in supporting junior clinical and public health academics and in encouraging students and trainees to consider clinical academic careers.

Highlights of my research career to date
Presenting the findings of our research (in particular, the CATCh-uS project on ADHD and transition) and contributing to discussions around improving policy and services for young people with ADHD at a national level.
Seeing the headlines when the results of the national child and adolescent mental health surveys were published, after hours spent assessing hundreds of cases to decide whether they met diagnostic criteria.

The research I will be undertaking in the Centre
Transforming relationships and relationship transitions with and for the next generation. This project focusses on supporting healthy relationships and relationship transitions throughout the lifecourse, and I am leading on the strand working on healthy relationship education in schools.

Something about me you can’t Google!
My original ambition as a teenager was to work in the wine business and it was a toss-up between French and Medicine at university…

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