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Pat Pinkowska

Engaged Research Facilitator

Pat supports researchers at the Centre to plan, develop, and evaluate engaged research and public engagement. She works closely with Dr Lewis Winks and together they offer a range of support services to academics working to develop their engaged work, including peer learning, event planning, help with funding, and community engagement.

Over the last ten years, Pat has worked in, and with, the voluntary sector in the context of community development, social research, and immigration advocacy. She is committed to working with publics and creating a dialogue between Wellcome Centre and local communities. For an informal chat about getting involved in the Centre’s work get in touch with her here.

In 2019 Pat completed a PhD in Human Geography at the University of Exeter. Alongside her work at the Wellcome Centre, Pat works as a Community Engagement Officer for the Law Centres Network.

Pat job-shares their role with Lewis and they can be contacted on wcceh-engage@exeter.ac.uk