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Vivienne Bates

Project Administrator


I have worked at the University since 2013 in a number of roles. I am currently working with three research projects on a part time, fixed term basis, providing support to the teams.

Camping, handicrafts and spending time with family fill the rest of my time.

Highlights of her work to date

Highlights would be when a Conference or Workshop comes together and runs smoothly, which means all my meticulous planning, spreadsheets and tracking tools have all done their job. “I love it when a plan comes together”, (probably giving away my age there, unless one of the channels has ‘The A Team’ on repeats!)

Work she will be doing with the Centre

My connection to the Centre is via Dora Vargha’s Connecting Three Worlds research project. This is a new project but I would expect to be involved with organising meetings, arranging travel and accommodation, updating the website (Connecting three worlds) and anything else that would help. I started working with the team, two days a week to provide administrative support to the project in November 2021.