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Opportunities, Vacancies and Funding

Details of WCCEH’s opportunities will be shared below.

Research Initiation Awards

This scheme is only open to people or organisations from outside the academy/university.

These small awards (£300 – £500) are not for research activities as such; our aim is to support individual applicants, or community organisations, to build the relationships that initiate engaged research and generate the conditions for future engaged research.

We welcome creative and imaginative proposals for how this award could be used: hosting a workshop, making a creative intervention that opens up engagement around cultures and environments of health, working with a professional researcher to develop a research idea, setting up a small social media campaign to draw people to an issue or topic … we are open to suggestions.

More information here: Supporting Information for Research Initiation Awards [2021].

Apply for the award here

PhD Opportunity!

Shame and Medicine, Art History & Visual Culture – PhD (Wellcome Trust Funded)

The proposed PhD project will be based in the interdisciplinary programme of Art History and Visual Culture at the University of Exeter and co-supervised by Dr João Florêncio.

The prospective student will propose a research project which investigates cultural representations of shame and/or shaming in medicine through some aspect of contemporary visual culture. Projects might explore medical reality television, public health campaigns, social media, film and television or contemporary art.

The overall aim of this PhD research is to contribute to the cultural studies analyses of the Shame and Medicine project, helping to understand how medicine’s contemporary visual culture can both construct and reflect shame experiences and how this feeds into broader shame dynamics experienced by patients, medical students and healthcare professionals. There is a particular emphasis on considering intersectional aspects of experience for example in relation to race, class, sexuality, ethnicity, gender, disability, etc.

The student should have a background in cultural studies, visual culture or art history and be familiar with, or willing to engage with, feminist, queer, postcolonial, critical race and disability theoretical paradigms, among others.

The prospective candidate should submit a PhD proposal (1500-2500 words) which gives an accurate overview of their proposed area of research.
(Please visit Exeter’s Postgraduate Study Page for detailed instructions on how to put together a PhD Research Proposal).

For further details and how to apply, please visit the advert here.

Deadline: 4th May 2021