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Partnership working and Live Music

Three people in group discussion

Discussions on the impact of live music on children with special education needs

Teachers understand the vital part music can play in helping children overcome learning or physical difficulties and improve their quality of life. Despite this, children with special needs experience considerable difficulties in accessing high quality cultural and creative experiences, due to the physical barriers to accessing venues, a lack of appropriate events, and a lack of understanding of different behaviours.

A recently-completed project that helped build partnership skills for both teachers and musicians starting out in their careers has the potential to make a considerable difference to the quality of musical opportunities for these children and young people in the future.

This project was supported by a WCCEH Research Initiation Award and was a partnership between Live Music Now and the University of Exeter Graduate School of Education. It brought together children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, young professional musicians and PGCE students at the University of Exeter to work together to research a model of partnership working, establish common ground and try out practical activities.

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