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Exeter Loneliness Network

Our call for events and contributions for autumn 2019/ spring 2020 is here! Please see the link below for more details:


Loneliness is complicated, structural, multi-faceted, deeply personal, and inextricably culturally and politically entangled. It resists interpretation, therefore, from any one angle; multiple ways of looking are necessary. Like other complex health challenges, it is soluble only through interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration. This network brings together researchers on loneliness from diverse perspectives to share knowledge and find new, collective ways of thinking and working.

Loneliness is also rooted in environment and place. We know that for many students, university can be particularly lonely. This network is also a space to think structurally and practically about loneliness at the University of Exeter, and how it can be prevented or dispelled.

It also looks to connect with partners, individuals, and communities from beyond the university – this network is very much open to anybody! Please get in touch.

Our first meeting was on Wednesday the 4th of September, and we already have lots of bright ideas and amazing members!

If you have any questions please contact Fred Cooper or Charlotte Jones.

If you would like to be added to the Network mailing list, please email Lucy Hodges.

For more information on WCCEH’s work on loneliness, see our Beacon page.

For biographies of some of our members, see here.

The UCL Loneliness and Social Isolation in Mental Health Network do excellent work, and run frequent workshops and events in London.

Solitudes: Past and Present, a Wellcome-funded project at Queen Mary, should also be of interest far beyond the Humanities.

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