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RSF: Arts-based engaged research

The Research Support Funding scheme supported 13 short (six-month) projects that complemented and extended the Centre’s research themes: Transforming Institutions, Transforming Engagement, Transforming Health across the life course and Transforming Relations.

Exploring the cultural and creative dimensions of health and well-being through arts-based transformative engaged research

Our goal is to engage diverse communities in cultural and creative practices that have the potential to promote, enhance, restore, and sustain health and wellbeing. This collaborative international research project will explore intersections, complementarities and reciprocities between holistic performance training, mindfulness practice, and place-based cultural processes guided by Indigenous principles.

Drawing from our collective expertise in the arts, humanities, education, and social sciences via international and regional partnerships connecting universities in the UK, Canada, and France, we will co-conceptualize and co-design an arts-based transformative engaged research model exploring the critical and creative conditions for health and well-being practices that foster sustainability across the life course.

Project Partners

University of British Columbia-Okanagan

Virginie Magnat
Karen Ragoonaden

University of Exeter

Konstantinos Thomaidis

Bryony Onciul

Ann Grand

Project updates

February 2020 – we held two workshops in Devon that brought together two invited artists from the Kumugwe Cultural Society and Dance Group, K’omox First Nations, Canada with arts performers and drama students. We’re currently analysing the data from the workshops, focusing on the collective experiences of the participants. In July the international partners are meeting again to share learning from the pilot workshops and to design the next phase of the work.

The workshops were funded under the University of British Columbia (Okanagan) Eminence Program led by Profs Virginie Magnat and Karen Ragoonaden

June 2019 – the international partners held a workshop during the 2019 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (Vancouver, British Columbia). During the workshop, we agreed shared principles and framework for the pilot practice-based workshop to be held in each country. Partners are now designing workshops, which we hope will take place before the end of the year.

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