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RSF: Gender identity

The Research Support Funding scheme supported 13 short (six-month) projects that complemented and extended the Centre’s research themes: Transforming Institutions, Transforming Engagement, Transforming Health across the life course and Transforming Relations.

Transforming knowledge about the outcomes of gender identity service use: co-development of a research agenda

This award is supporting us to engage with users of the West of England Gender Identity Clinic (the Laurels), in Exeter, their families, and clinicians, to improve understanding of desired outcomes of gender identity transition and co-develop a research agenda in this area.

There is currently little understanding of what users of these services regard as desired outcomes and our primary aim is to give voice to their views and examine how these might change as they move through transition. Since gender identity transition does not happen in isolation from other people, we also aim to incorporate the perspective of people’s social networks and clinicians, and to facilitate a dialogue between these different perspectives. The primary outcome of the project will be a co-developed research agenda that will guide our future work. We also aim to co-produce initial transformative insights into how to produce a more complete and realistic understanding of the outcomes of this type of service use.

Project partners

David Doyle, Manuela Barreto, Tom Lewis, Ann Grand

Project update

In May 2019, David Doyle was one of the speakers in a Centre seminar on transgender issues. The seminar was hosted by Manuela Barreto. The other speakers were Doris Chou, John Dean and Jay Stewart MBE.


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