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Transforming Engagement

Attempts to facilitate the emergence of healthy publics require, first, the involvement of those individuals and/or communities with lived experience of, expertise in, or a history of exclusion from the issues at hand. Second, it necessitates that the issues addressed are collective problems (i.e. how care is organized, how pollution is monitored, how stress is understood). By actively engaging we anticipate that the resulting collectives will generate new insights and knowledge that can challenge existing norms concerning health and wellbeing. In order to pursue these forms of engaged research, we will co-create a bold vision for public engagement and engaged research and develop forms of participatory research practice.

Indicative topics being considered include:

  • Understanding the dynamics of engaging diverse publics and conducting engaged research
  • Developing ways of engaging spatially dispersed health publics
  • Creating the conditions for transformative public engagement
  • Living with knowledge surfeits, data deluges and trust deficits in terms of enabling and constraining healthy publics
  • Transdisciplinary approaches to sustaining engaged research over time
People talking in groups; some seated around a table, some standing

Beacon: Transforming engagement

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Notes scribbled on a tablecloth in different colours and hands

Beacon: big data publics

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RSF: Community engagement

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Group of young people working around a table

RSF: Making space

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Women and children seated on the ground; one woman is writing on a large sheet of paper

RIA: Voices from Durgapur

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Co-created art piece containing reflections on the post-traumatic environmental stress recovery programme

RSF: After the storm

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RSF: Well-being outcomes

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Children in traditional Peruvian costume

RSF: Risk and resilience

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RSF: Arts-based engaged research

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RIA: Live Music Now

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RIA: Accessibility in theatres

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