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Simon Benham-Clarke


I graduated from Bristol Polytechnic (now the University of the West of England) with a BSc (Hons) in Systems Design. This led on to a career with Dell Computer Corporation. After 13 years my wife and I decided to relocate with our young family from Surrey to North Devon. I then became a househusband, father and volunteer helping community and citizen groups. Due to a fascination with my children’s development and involvement with the educational settings they attended, as well as my learning from a BA (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, the importance of education to support well-being throughout the life course was made acutely clear to me. To make an educational contribution I achieved a Certificate in Education at Petroc College of FE and HE and taught a variety of courses and performed personal tutor roles.

To learn more about research in this field I completed an MSc in Educational Research in 2018 at the University of Exeter which has resulted in me being a researcher based in the College of Medicine and Health, but also collaborating with the Graduate School of Education and the Law School.

My broad research interests lie in the promotion of well-being and the prevention and mitigation of mental health difficulties, inequalities and exclusion in society.

Highlights of my research career to date
In my first year as a researcher I am delighted to have worked with many fine scholars and researchers across the University to contribute to the understanding and knowledge of; behaviour management in schools through a systematic literature review for the Education Endowment Foundation; access to HE for disadvantaged groups for the University of Exeter Centre for Social Mobility and Communications, Admissions & Marketing Services; lesson study and related practices for SEN education for the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education; agonism as a framework to navigate tensions in education for the University of Exeter Graduate School of Education. Also to have supported elements of PPI and website design and content development in the National Institute for Health Research funded Children and Adolescents with ADHD in Transition between Children’s and Adult Services (CATCh-uS) research project and data collection for the ERASMUS+ Supporting Practices for Inclusive Schooling & Education for the Youth (SPISEY) project.

The research I will be undertaking in the Centre
Transforming relationships and relationship transitions with and for the next generation.

Something about me you can’t Google!
After listening to David Gower do a talk, he asked my wife and I out for a drink.