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Man and woman sitting on a stone wall in front of a sandy beach. They are looking at a laptop.

Support for engaged research


We offer support to help people interested in what engaged research is and how to do it.

We host workshops that bring together people and groups interested in research, and researchers, to build relationships and develop possible research questions.

You can read more about our Engagement implementation strategy here.

Our Research Initiation Awards support individual applicants, or community organisations, to build the relationships that initiate engaged research and generate the conditions for future engaged research.

The Centre aims to:

– Develop creative ways of engaging diverse communities, groups and people with research

– Foster sustainable relationships with communities and groups such as schools, health-care charities, patient groups, libraries, museums, arts and heritage organisations and more

– Provide training, resources and recognition to develop expertise and experience in engaged research and engagement with research

– Provide seed funding to support engaged research and engagement with research

– Evaluate our learning and share our best practice in and beyond the university

If you would like to contact someone about engaged research, we have a dedicated email address – wcceh-engage@exeter.ac.uk