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The Wellcome Centre funding schemes

After two rounds of our Research Support Funding scheme, we have reflected on the feedback from applicants (both successful and unsuccessful) and mentors and have refreshed the funding routes the Centre offers. Our new schemes were launched in January 2019. We welcome your questions, feedback or thoughts on these ideas. Please send any comments to wcceh-engage@exeter.ac.uk

Research Initiator Awards

Research Initiator Awards are only for people and groups from outside the university. These are small awards that can to be used to develop a project idea, formulate a research question or identify issues for further work or subsequent research. The awards are not for research activities as such, but rather to support activities that generate the conditions for future research.

All kinds of creative and imaginative proposals are welcome: for example, hosting a workshop to bring together a group to start the development of research ideas, initiating a small artwork or other creative intervention that opens up engagement around cultures and environments of health, reviewing existing literature on particular topics or approaches to researching an issue, working with an academic or other researcher to develop a research idea, generating a small social media campaign to draw people to an issue or topic … we are open to suggestions.

Enhanced Research Awards

ERAs are exclusively for Centre PhD students, Research Fellows and other Centre members. These awards may be used to enhance research in existing projects, for example to pay for travel or periods of field or archival work, to develop new research opportunities or collaborations, to enhance engagement practice or to generate new opportunities for engaged research.

Transformative Research Awards

This is a discretionary award that will support leading-edge transformative research. Research proposals can be generated by researchers working in the Centre or from the wider university, although we would expect Centre members to be involved at some point in the research process. Proposals should be interdisciplinary and, where appropriate, transdisciplinary, pursuing research in an engaged fashion.

Read more at https://www.exeter.ac.uk/departments/cceh/newsandevents/news/newfunds/#1Jj7FBj5vWcR1E62.99

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