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The HEPE Story

Centre researchers Kath Maguire and Ritadevi Alflatt have recently started a YouTube channel for the Health and Environment Public Engagement group, based at Cornwall’s European Centre for Environment and Human Health.

The group (known as HEPE) provide valuable consultation on researchers’ projects, helping to co-create research that is shaped by the people it impacts. Since being set up in 2013 HEPE has been consulted on over 120 research projects, funding bids, journal articles and lay summaries, across a diverse range of areas within health and environmental research. Through workshops and community activities, HEPE has also involved more than 70 other people from Devon and Cornwall in research activities. They have worked with over 60 researchers, taken part in 27 workshops, attended 25 conferences and supported the development of 12 medical students through the Special Studies Unit programme. In addition, they have supported the learning of numerous undergraduate and postgraduate students.

HEPE have provided their wisdom and expertise to many projects within WCCEH, including Virtual Nature and the Big Data Beacon Project.

You can read all about their work in The HEPE Story, which outlines the immeasurable contribution that the members have made to research.

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