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UNESCO: Quay Words

To celebrate Exeter’s status as a UNESCO City of Literature, the Centre held a short call for literary research projects. 

Literature Works is collaborating with Exeter University’s Waiting Times project research team Professor Laura Salisbury and Dr Michael Flexer on a partnership designed to promote wellbeing and the creation of an inclusive community, held together by creative explorations of writing and storytelling.

Together, they were awarded seed funding to support the preparatory consultation, outreach and programme design for a series of community-based writing courses to be held as part of Quay Words 2020-2022 at Exeter Custom House. The programme design will enrich the Wellcome Trust-funded interdisciplinary project Waiting Times, which is itself supported by WCCEH, and ensure shared outcomes to meet the objectives of both parties.

This responds to priorities that Literature Works and WCCEH hold in common as members of the Steering Group on Exeter as a UNESCO City of Literature: the socially engaged use of the literature artform to promote health and wellbeing.