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Transforming Relations

Health and wellbeing are seldom achieved alone or in isolation. Being healthy often requires carers, friends, professionals, and many others; and well-being involves a range of social relations. Perhaps less obviously, this health collective is not just about people. From the food we eat to the social conditions and environments in which we live, health is made through and with all manner of others. Recent conceptual reinvestments in epigenetics through to Planetary Health and One Health remind us that healthy publics are heterogeneous, marked by interplay of the molecular, the embodied, the social, cultural, environmental, and global. This wide cast of people, multiple objects of inquiry, frames of reference, relevant expertise, and forms of evidence pose challenges to the composition and sustainability of health.

Topics or foci for consideration include:

  • More than human health: ecosystem health and beyond
  • Biosocial and environmental interactions
  • Social and material relations and cultural engagement
  • Spatiality and topological approaches to health and well being
  • Opportunities and benefits, not just risks, to health and wellbeing
  • Technology and social relations
  • Interactions between global and local health

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Group of young people working around a table

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