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PEOPLE – Research Fellows

Thomas El-Hoss

Biography My research expertise is in the mapping, conceptualisation and comparison of child protection systems. After winning a prestigious ESRC scholarship and overseas fieldwork grant I completed doctoral research analysing the implementation of Lebanon’s first child protection legislation. This culminated in 16 months of fieldwork and interviews with a range of government, juvenile justice, religious […]


Sebastian Fonseca

Biography Sebastian Fonseca is MD, MA, PhD – currently Postdoctoral Fellow at the Wellcome Trust-funded ‘Connecting 3 World: Socialism, Medicine and Global Health after WWII” (PIs Prof Drs Dora Vargha, Edna Diaz-Suarez, and Sarah Marks). His current research focuses on integrating historically neglected voices in the configuration of health in Latin America’s “long” Cold War. […]


Dinah Gutermuth

Biography 2012-2016 – BSc and MSc Psychology at the University of Groningen, Netherlands 2016-2021 – PhD at Maastricht University, Netherlands since 2021 – Postdoctoral Research Associate University of Exeter


Cristian Montenegro

Research Interests I’m a qualitative health researcher with a background in sociology, community psychology and public health. I’m interested in the set of exchanges between health and democracy at the micro (service-user experiences, participation and engagement) and macro-levels (health-related social movements, democratic transitions and health care policy, human rights and grassroots advocacy in health), with […]


Richard Vytniorgu

Biography I’m a specialist in women’s writing and twentieth-century literature, culture, and pedagogy, but I am also interested in contemporary gay writing, film, and visual culture (including erotica). I completed my undergraduate degree in History and Sociology at Exeter, before moving to Leeds to do an MA in Victorian Studies. I then spent six years […]


Arthur Rose

Biography I am interested in how literary cultural studies can help us to unpack some of our assumptions in the modern world. This has led me in different directions, from authorship debates in late modernism to coal mining in the Naturalist novel, but all with the aim of figuring out how literary culture can help us understand about […]


Michael Flexer

I am the the publicly engaged research fellow working on the Wellcome-funded ‘Waiting Times’ project.


Martin Moore

My work in the centre I work on the Wellcome-Trust funded project “Waiting Times“, led by Laura Salisbury and Lisa Baraitser. The project is an interdisciplinary exploration of waiting in and for healthcare, asking what it means to wait “now”. As part of this project, I am writing a history of time and waiting in […]


Fred Cooper

I am a research fellow in evidence-based policy, supported by the Strategic Priorities Fund. I am also the lead academic on the Centre’s Beacon project on loneliness, which includes my colleagues Charlotte Jones, Manuela Barreto, and Mark Jackson. I am also a historian of medicine with interests in loneliness, solitude, alienation, exclusion, culture, gender, the social […]


Charlotte Jones

Biography I received my PhD on the theorisation and medicalisation of sex in 2016 from the Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield. This work explored personal experiences and broader social conceptualisations of intersex and variations in sex characteristics in the UK, with a focus on relationships and recognition. Prior to joining the University of […]


Lorraine Hansford

Overview Lorraine Hansford is a Research Fellow based at the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health, and is also part of the Relational Health Group at the Medical School. She has a professional background in youth and community work, and takes an engaged approach to research, working alongside communities and community organisations. Research […]