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Community voices, barriers and enablers

C2 Connecting Communities – a key partner for WCCEH’s Transforming Engagement Beacon project – recently hosted a webinar with Jennifer Dixon (Chief Executive of the Health Foundation) as part of a series celebrating the launch of Lord Nigel Crisp’s new bookHealth is made at home; hospital is for repairs.

The webinar series – Building a healthy and health-creating society – took the opportunity to hear from David Aynsley and Tia Fanelli, trustees of the TR14ers, and Charlotte Holdsworth, Alisa Kefford-Parker and Dawn Shepherd of the TQ6 Comunity Partnership about the work their organisations have been doing in their communities and the significant achievements they have made towards enabling health.

The panel discussed the barriers and enablers to conducting such important, health-creating work, and considered how belonging in communities can offer relationship, meaning and purpose and to take more control of our lives.

The webinar was number five in a series of seven recorded webinars, all focusing on health-creating societies. The first five recordings can be viewed here, whilst spaces are still available for the final two webinars in the series, which are free to attend.

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