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Conference CfP: Fertility, Medicine and the Body: Theory and Practice across the Premodern World

Centre affiliates Catherine Rider and Sarah Toulalan have been awarded a VivaMente conference grant by the Centre for the Study of Medicine and the Body in the Renaissance in Pisa, to organise a conference on ‘Fertility, Medicine and the Body: Theory and Practice across the Premodern World’ on 22-23 May 2023.

Additional sponsorship has been provided by the Department of Archaeology and History at Exeter.

Their aim is to address a broad spectrum of issues to do with fertility (and infertility), with a particular focus on the transmission of ideas between Europe, the Islamicate world, and beyond.

To this end, it will bring together scholars working on different periods, regions and cultures, which are often studied separately. It will also seek to engage with current discussions about fertility globally, including news stories centring on population expansion in some countries and declining birth rates in others, as well as the impact of new reproductive technologies.

They would like to hear from scholars and postgraduate students working on fertility, broadly defined, anywhere in the premodern world!

For further details and a call for papers see https://csmbr.fondazionecomel.org/events/vivamente-conferences/fertility-medicine-and-the-body/

Congratulations to Catherine and Sarah!

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