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South West Loneliness Network

The South West Loneliness network was founded by Fred Cooper and Charlotte Jones in 2019. It connects academics, students, university staff, community organisations, charities, public health experts, and people with lived experience of loneliness. It provides networking and knowledge exchange opportunities through discussions, meetings, and seminars, and works to foster transdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships.

For biographies of some of our members, see here. For more information on WCCEH’s work on loneliness, see our Beacon page.

We have a rolling call for events and contributions, so please get in touch with Fred or Charlotte (via the links above) if you have any ideas or questions. If you would like to be added to the Network mailing list, please email wellcomecentre@exeter.ac.uk

Other projects of interest:

The UCL Loneliness and Social Isolation in Mental Health Network run frequent digital workshops and events, mostly from a psychiatric perspective.

Solitudes: Past and Present, a Wellcome-funded project at Queen Mary. This project runs thoughtful events and has an excellent and wide-ranging blog.