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TRA: Dance, health and well-being

Transformative Research Awards support novel, innovative and interesting research that moves beyond established divisions and dichotomies to enable insight, debate and new approaches to current health challenges.

Dance, Health and Well-being: debating and moving forward methodologies

It is now widely agreed that there is considerable evidence of the positive benefits of dance in developing physical aspects of health and fitness. Building on this, this eighteen-month research project has sought to develop understanding of the under-researched aesthetic, artistic and creative contributions that dance makes to health and wellbeing across the lifecourse. In particular it focused on what kinds of methodologies are appropriate for investigating these contributions, and how these methodologies can generate findings which extend how we understand the impact of the arts on health and wellbeing.

The research has taken a transdisciplinary approach, bringing together arts education and community research and practice, together with dance science and dance health practice. This is represented in the research team which has been led by Associate Professor Kerry Chappell from the University of Exeter, Graduate School of Education, working together with colleagues Professor Emma Redding, Veronica Jobbins and Dr Rebecca Stancliffe at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, Dr Sue Smith at Dance in Devon, and Ursula Crickmay also from the Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter.

The questions we asked:

What we did:

D and H Symposium Presentation 1

D and H Symposium Presentation 2 – Stakeholder Perspectives

Project Report

You can read the 2021HUMS002 Dance, Health and Wellbeing Report FINAL.

Systematic Literature Review

You can read the Systematic Literature Review here.


Project Partners

University of Exeter, Graduate School of Education: Creativity and Emergent Educational-Future Network

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

Dance in Devon


Project leader

Kerry Chappell

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Rachael Hawkins
Rachael Hawkins
2 years ago

I attended the symposium on behalf of Dance to Health and I have been waiting to read the full report. This is a valuable piece of work in the field of arts and health.

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